Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I am sat at work. Its been snowing all morning. There are very few people who have bothered to turn up today. I live the furthest away and I managed to get here (although coming out of my road I braked and carried on going straight onto the main road and almost crashed... but nevermind!).

So anyhoo. Its pretty quiet so I thought I would have a bit of a rant.

Life is hard at the moment. Struggling from one day to the next, things are looking bleak. I have had to put IVF on hold because of money troubles which, because of my age, means that I will never be able to have a chance to have a baby again unless I win the lottery. (fat chance of that as you have to buy a ticket to be in with a chance of winning).

Anyway. I was just scooting around the net and noticed an advertisment for Save the Children. Now, I do give to charity, I do cancer research and the RSPCA. I am a member of the National Trust too (not that it is a charity, but it goes towards keeping Britain's nice spots, nice!!) I always buy a poppy, and if there is a genuine charity rattler at the entrance of the supermarket I will pop a coupla quid in.

So this charity, Save the Children, all about giving childeren in the 3rd world an education/food/toys etc that couldnt afford it.

A Gift of £20.00 from me will feed a family for one month!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is it.

So why does it not feed my family for a month? £20.00 will feed my family for 2 days oh and that is just crap food, if I was to buy fresh meat and vegetables, the shopping bill would be more.

We also noticed last night that Tesco haven't passed on the 2.5% VAT they have saved on vatable goods to its customers!! But then again Tesco is a money grabbing greedy organisation sent to dominate the world.

I was going to put my christmas tree up, but I couldnt be bothered.

I went to see a solicitor about my neighbour......

#1. I have grounds for harrassment (it will cost me thousands in solicitors fees to get an injunction)

#2. I was also mis-sold the property as there was trouble before me and they didnt declare it, also, the woman who signed it is not the name on the particulars. (this will cost me thousands to sue the person who sold me the property)

I have no money to take them to court so I have to live in misery until she dies or I die or get repossessed!.

If I won the lottery I would give our flat to the roughest family going!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully your neighbour will slip over in the snow, fall on dog poo and catch some horrible dog poo related illness.

Kirstykins said...

And the dog poo consumes her whole body and some council worker comes along, scoops her up and puts her in the poo bin! Never to be seen again. x

Andy said...

I know y7ou have probably heard it all before but you should never give up hope with IVF. Without wishing to pry in to your personal live there are for example hospitals which will give a free cycle of IVF in return for an egg donation. There is even one couple local to here that were looking for an egg donor so placed an advert on the local busses, they now have twins.

Whatever happens I wish you every success, I know how you feel my daughter was born through IVF.

Andy xxx

Sara said...

I was thinking when I read this entry that IVF should be free. Reading Andy's comment, maybe there are still choices for you to look into. I do hope so m'dear.

Snow :o)


sparkx said...

looking for an egg donor so posted an advert on the local busses??? Now I've heard it all. Kirsty, you can have my eggs, they will be old and a bit shrivelled but you can have them, with a cherry on top.
xx Lynbo xx

sparkx said...

and P.S, never ever give up hope xx

Kirstykins said...

Well fanx guys. I have eggs, I have all me bits, no blockages, hormones a little low but ok, no signs of the menopause. Tom is all ok too.

x x x