Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Radio Rambles

And it goes like this............ (in the style of Queen please)

Ba da da da da da Another one bites the dust!!!
Ba da da da daaaa Another one bites the dust!!!!
and another one gone and another one gone
another one bites the dust
(daisy sings) Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust!

This one was actually supposed to be unbreakable! however did not live upto its reputation when Daisy got her chops round it. Several pieces all with Daisy bite holes in.

30 Sparkly Baubles

There were 30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree.

30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree (I hope you are all singing this!!)

And if One Sparkly Bauble should accidently fall (because Cookie climbed the tree, because Daisy was chasing her, then Cookie saw sparkly shimmer and decided to play with it, knocked it off and Daisy thought... "ooooooo a ball for meeeee" but then it smashed and ended up in 3 different rooms in 12 pieces)

There will be 29 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Treeeeee.

Tune in next time on Radio Rambles for the next verse of the Sparkly Bauble Christmas Song!!

So here's what I did the other night.
I love hot vimto. Tom did make me a "Hot Vimmy" as I call it. But I forgot about it and it went cold. So, as we were going to bed, I decided to warm it up in the microwave. I put it on for a minute went to wash my face then came back.... opened up the microwave...... grabbed the handle........... then as I started to pull it out of the microwave the vimto exploded out of the cup, all over the ceilling, walls, sink, clean pots, floor and....... ME.

Hot Vimto landed on my head and burnt like crazy. It has burnt the side of my head by my temple too.

It isnt going to scar, and it hasnt gone all over my face which it could have done.

Its the last time I put that mug in the microwave. I noticed that it had a tiny bit of metal writing on it. I think it was because of that it exploded.

Back to workiepoos.

x x x x x x x x x x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Waste of a Day

I seem to have completely lost it today!

What started out as a little headache, turned into me almost passing out with a headache from hell and almost throwing up.... except I didn't have anything to throw up inside me.

We popped over to Buxton to do a little xmas shopping, but there was just no way I could function. I just wanted to come home.

I thought it might be that I had nothing to eat, so we stopped in a little coffee shop and we ordered a bacon butty (not Lynbo's type of "bacon butty" she once wrote about in her AOL Journal!!!!) for Tom and a sausage butty for me. Well, I sent mine back and asked for my money back. I am not paying £2.95 for a stone cold sausage butty that was half frozen and half microwaved. I was disgusted and I shall only ever go there for a coffee and never to eat!!! They were not English people working there and he got all narky because I said I didnt want another one making for me! No way was I eating in that establishment.

I have never asked for my money back in places that I have eaten before. But this time I did. Last week we went to Frankie & Bennys and the middle of my lasagna was just warm, so I decided to send that back too. I was nice about it and we got 4 £5.00 off vouchers with our bill. (Ususally you only get one!)

Anyway. That didnt help. The headache got worse and worse and by the time we got home I was in absolute agony, I could hardly open my eyes with the pain, next door's kids came running up wanting to come round and I had to turn them away. I slumped on the sofa with a duvet and had a hot berry flu plus beechams drink because i couldnt stomach swallowing tablets let alone look for them, and within about 2 hours I was feeling a lot better.

We watched Miracle on 34th Street which was lovely (was the remake not the original).

I still feel a bit off. I had every intention of doing Sunday Sorting today and that went right out of the window.

Lynbo, what is............... WV - Mytoi ??? Have a completely lot the plot?

So here is me little Swedish Yuletide Gnome. He is a cutiepiepie.

Here is a bit of the Christmas Tree.

This is the snow last week on the way to work and work's car park.

This is as close as you can get to snow without getting your eyes wet.....


I have done the tree. I have taken several pictures of it but the camera doesnt seem to pick out how nice it looks. Or maybe my eyes are just crap now.

Next door's kiddies came to help. All the red baubles were round the back at the bottom, all the gold baubles were round the front at the bottom, so I had to rearrange them all. Still, they enjoyed themselves and as a special treat, I took a picture of them by the tree, super imposed it on a christmas card from Moonpig and bought a personalised card for them to send to thier Nanna.

The bank has given us some breathing space till March. I will have to really tighten my pursestrings and get some extra work if it is to work. I will also be applying to get all my bank charges refunded back to me..... they are just nasty gits with the bank charges. I had funds in one account but the other one was over drawn and they have charged me £20.00 a day for 15 days and could see I had funds in the other account and didnt move them accross. Yes I know, it is upto me to do this myself and keep my accounts straight, but these fat pigs don't understand real life and real people and circumstances and peoples fears. I am frightened to death of logging onto my account or opening a bank statement.

Anyway. I have vowed to make sure that I keep in the black at all times now.

I am off to the garden centre to buy a christmas decoration. We will buy one new decoration a year.

Mum has started us off on these cute little sweedish yuletide gnomes that her friend knitted. It is absolutely gorgeous. The battery has just gone in the camera so I shall post pictures later.

I have woken up with a banging headache and my left eye cant focus very well.

Right. Back later. Chokkies in the advent calendar were scrummy for me brekky. mmmmm

x x x x x

Thursday, 4 December 2008


I knew it would happen.

I cancelled my broadband with AOHELL in September.

They took the payment in September.

I called. They said all is cancelled. Thank you very much.

They took a payment in October.

I called.

They promised to give my money back.

They took another payment in November.

I called.

He promised to give me 2 months payment back.

I am willing to put a bet on it that they take another payment out in December.

Are all AOHELL customer billing services call operatives or whatever they call themselves called Halamhandaja Ilbananderbad ? And why, when you eventually get past please press one, you now have 10 options, press 1 if you are an existing member 2 if you want to be baffled, 3 if you want to have the piss taken out of you, 4 if you want to speak to a russian, 5 if you want to speak to someone who is of asian origin... bla bla bla. why do they always whisper, talk shite, and in a completely different language?

I seem to get the same guy all the time. They are really pissing me off. I have phoned about 5 times now and each time I have to listen to the horrible person I start to feel really angry and want to punch him in the mouth.................. with a bag of poo!

I rang the bank and they said they couldnt stop payments coming out because they are taking it off my card and that I should call AOL and sort it out with them.

So the bank arent really bothered that AOHELL are fraudulently taking money from my account.

I want to kill AOHELL now.

They make me angry.


The IVF thing........... I would gladly give away my eggs for free IVF treatment.

I have had IVF privately before and fell pregnant with twins. Sadly I went into labour early and they didnt survive.

The cost was around £7,000.oo as I had to have a treatment called ICSII.

I have been through tests on the ever efficient NHS which suggest that there is nothing wrong with me and there is no reason why I cant get pregnant. I have yet to hear back from them. But because of my age, I dont think they are particularly arsed with me.

I will give them a call though.

They did tell me that this process could take about 2 - 3 years waiting though.

In the meantime, I have Daisy, Cookie and Tom who all need constant looking after. Well Cookie doesnt really, She just gets on with it and demands a cuddle now and again (usually when Tom takes Daisy out for a walkies!)

The most important thing is not to get my hopes up.


Christmas tree & decs are still in the cupboard.


I'm hungry.
I fancy lasagna.
I fancy a hot mince pie.
I fancy a baggit of crisps.
I fancy some dip to dip the crisps in.
I fancy a sausage roll.
I fancy a big fat cheese burger.
I fancy a cheese & ham toastie with onions & branston pickle in.
I fancy a big fat warm chocolate brownie to finish off.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I am sat at work. Its been snowing all morning. There are very few people who have bothered to turn up today. I live the furthest away and I managed to get here (although coming out of my road I braked and carried on going straight onto the main road and almost crashed... but nevermind!).

So anyhoo. Its pretty quiet so I thought I would have a bit of a rant.

Life is hard at the moment. Struggling from one day to the next, things are looking bleak. I have had to put IVF on hold because of money troubles which, because of my age, means that I will never be able to have a chance to have a baby again unless I win the lottery. (fat chance of that as you have to buy a ticket to be in with a chance of winning).

Anyway. I was just scooting around the net and noticed an advertisment for Save the Children. Now, I do give to charity, I do cancer research and the RSPCA. I am a member of the National Trust too (not that it is a charity, but it goes towards keeping Britain's nice spots, nice!!) I always buy a poppy, and if there is a genuine charity rattler at the entrance of the supermarket I will pop a coupla quid in.

So this charity, Save the Children, all about giving childeren in the 3rd world an education/food/toys etc that couldnt afford it.

A Gift of £20.00 from me will feed a family for one month!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is it.

So why does it not feed my family for a month? £20.00 will feed my family for 2 days oh and that is just crap food, if I was to buy fresh meat and vegetables, the shopping bill would be more.

We also noticed last night that Tesco haven't passed on the 2.5% VAT they have saved on vatable goods to its customers!! But then again Tesco is a money grabbing greedy organisation sent to dominate the world.

I was going to put my christmas tree up, but I couldnt be bothered.

I went to see a solicitor about my neighbour......

#1. I have grounds for harrassment (it will cost me thousands in solicitors fees to get an injunction)

#2. I was also mis-sold the property as there was trouble before me and they didnt declare it, also, the woman who signed it is not the name on the particulars. (this will cost me thousands to sue the person who sold me the property)

I have no money to take them to court so I have to live in misery until she dies or I die or get repossessed!.

If I won the lottery I would give our flat to the roughest family going!

Monday, 17 November 2008


Don't you just hate people that say "Oh yep. I can help you out" then leave you hanging on and on then say call such a body they will help you. So you bite the bullet and make that call only to get... Oh you should have called a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for nothing.

I'm disappearing for a while folkies. I'm not in a very good mood at the moment.


Love me.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x