Tuesday, 9 December 2008

30 Sparkly Baubles

There were 30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree.

30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree (I hope you are all singing this!!)

And if One Sparkly Bauble should accidently fall (because Cookie climbed the tree, because Daisy was chasing her, then Cookie saw sparkly shimmer and decided to play with it, knocked it off and Daisy thought... "ooooooo a ball for meeeee" but then it smashed and ended up in 3 different rooms in 12 pieces)

There will be 29 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Treeeeee.

Tune in next time on Radio Rambles for the next verse of the Sparkly Bauble Christmas Song!!

So here's what I did the other night.
I love hot vimto. Tom did make me a "Hot Vimmy" as I call it. But I forgot about it and it went cold. So, as we were going to bed, I decided to warm it up in the microwave. I put it on for a minute went to wash my face then came back.... opened up the microwave...... grabbed the handle........... then as I started to pull it out of the microwave the vimto exploded out of the cup, all over the ceilling, walls, sink, clean pots, floor and....... ME.

Hot Vimto landed on my head and burnt like crazy. It has burnt the side of my head by my temple too.

It isnt going to scar, and it hasnt gone all over my face which it could have done.

Its the last time I put that mug in the microwave. I noticed that it had a tiny bit of metal writing on it. I think it was because of that it exploded.

Back to workiepoos.

x x x x x x x x x x


Anonymous said...

Good lord!
Glad you are ok. That could've been much much worse. Microwaves are scary.
Did Tom lick the Vimto off?

Aileen said...

Love hot Vimto....BUT you must NEVER use anything in the Microwave with any metallic(gilt/silver) trim!