Sunday, 7 December 2008

Waste of a Day

I seem to have completely lost it today!

What started out as a little headache, turned into me almost passing out with a headache from hell and almost throwing up.... except I didn't have anything to throw up inside me.

We popped over to Buxton to do a little xmas shopping, but there was just no way I could function. I just wanted to come home.

I thought it might be that I had nothing to eat, so we stopped in a little coffee shop and we ordered a bacon butty (not Lynbo's type of "bacon butty" she once wrote about in her AOL Journal!!!!) for Tom and a sausage butty for me. Well, I sent mine back and asked for my money back. I am not paying £2.95 for a stone cold sausage butty that was half frozen and half microwaved. I was disgusted and I shall only ever go there for a coffee and never to eat!!! They were not English people working there and he got all narky because I said I didnt want another one making for me! No way was I eating in that establishment.

I have never asked for my money back in places that I have eaten before. But this time I did. Last week we went to Frankie & Bennys and the middle of my lasagna was just warm, so I decided to send that back too. I was nice about it and we got 4 £5.00 off vouchers with our bill. (Ususally you only get one!)

Anyway. That didnt help. The headache got worse and worse and by the time we got home I was in absolute agony, I could hardly open my eyes with the pain, next door's kids came running up wanting to come round and I had to turn them away. I slumped on the sofa with a duvet and had a hot berry flu plus beechams drink because i couldnt stomach swallowing tablets let alone look for them, and within about 2 hours I was feeling a lot better.

We watched Miracle on 34th Street which was lovely (was the remake not the original).

I still feel a bit off. I had every intention of doing Sunday Sorting today and that went right out of the window.

Lynbo, what is............... WV - Mytoi ??? Have a completely lot the plot?

So here is me little Swedish Yuletide Gnome. He is a cutiepiepie.

Here is a bit of the Christmas Tree.

This is the snow last week on the way to work and work's car park.

This is as close as you can get to snow without getting your eyes wet.....


sparkx said...

aww, headaches prolly caused by stress, take it easy, look after yourself, stop eating half cooked bacon buttys.
WV is the word verification you sometimes have to type in before posting a comment, they are sometimes peculiar words that make me giggle, eg today's one is grojun.
I don;y like these foreign food places, they don't cook properly because in their countries they eat raw cows and things, they are just not civilised, they haven't got a clue.
Love your tree, very classy and bootiful. I want a yuletide thingy. My order is in.

xxx Lynbo xxx

Sara said...

Aww... hopes your headache is all better by now. Sounds horrible :o(