Sunday, 7 December 2008


I have done the tree. I have taken several pictures of it but the camera doesnt seem to pick out how nice it looks. Or maybe my eyes are just crap now.

Next door's kiddies came to help. All the red baubles were round the back at the bottom, all the gold baubles were round the front at the bottom, so I had to rearrange them all. Still, they enjoyed themselves and as a special treat, I took a picture of them by the tree, super imposed it on a christmas card from Moonpig and bought a personalised card for them to send to thier Nanna.

The bank has given us some breathing space till March. I will have to really tighten my pursestrings and get some extra work if it is to work. I will also be applying to get all my bank charges refunded back to me..... they are just nasty gits with the bank charges. I had funds in one account but the other one was over drawn and they have charged me £20.00 a day for 15 days and could see I had funds in the other account and didnt move them accross. Yes I know, it is upto me to do this myself and keep my accounts straight, but these fat pigs don't understand real life and real people and circumstances and peoples fears. I am frightened to death of logging onto my account or opening a bank statement.

Anyway. I have vowed to make sure that I keep in the black at all times now.

I am off to the garden centre to buy a christmas decoration. We will buy one new decoration a year.

Mum has started us off on these cute little sweedish yuletide gnomes that her friend knitted. It is absolutely gorgeous. The battery has just gone in the camera so I shall post pictures later.

I have woken up with a banging headache and my left eye cant focus very well.

Right. Back later. Chokkies in the advent calendar were scrummy for me brekky. mmmmm

x x x x x


sparkx said...

Aww, I wanna cute little sweedish yuletide gnome, I do, I do.
I also ate the chocs off the tree for breakfast!
Don't worry too much about finances, lots and lots of people in the same boat, hence me taking on work at Sains, aint for the love of owrking I can tell you! Things will sort themselves out and I might win the lottery yet!
xx Lynbo xx

Aww, WV - Mytoi, yes it is, it's mine, all mine.

Sara said...

Saw your Christmas tree photies, looks lovely, all pretty and sparkly like :o) And the gnome... awww!

Wishes I had a neighbour like you when I was ickle :o)