Thursday, 4 December 2008


I knew it would happen.

I cancelled my broadband with AOHELL in September.

They took the payment in September.

I called. They said all is cancelled. Thank you very much.

They took a payment in October.

I called.

They promised to give my money back.

They took another payment in November.

I called.

He promised to give me 2 months payment back.

I am willing to put a bet on it that they take another payment out in December.

Are all AOHELL customer billing services call operatives or whatever they call themselves called Halamhandaja Ilbananderbad ? And why, when you eventually get past please press one, you now have 10 options, press 1 if you are an existing member 2 if you want to be baffled, 3 if you want to have the piss taken out of you, 4 if you want to speak to a russian, 5 if you want to speak to someone who is of asian origin... bla bla bla. why do they always whisper, talk shite, and in a completely different language?

I seem to get the same guy all the time. They are really pissing me off. I have phoned about 5 times now and each time I have to listen to the horrible person I start to feel really angry and want to punch him in the mouth.................. with a bag of poo!

I rang the bank and they said they couldnt stop payments coming out because they are taking it off my card and that I should call AOL and sort it out with them.

So the bank arent really bothered that AOHELL are fraudulently taking money from my account.

I want to kill AOHELL now.

They make me angry.


The IVF thing........... I would gladly give away my eggs for free IVF treatment.

I have had IVF privately before and fell pregnant with twins. Sadly I went into labour early and they didnt survive.

The cost was around £7,000.oo as I had to have a treatment called ICSII.

I have been through tests on the ever efficient NHS which suggest that there is nothing wrong with me and there is no reason why I cant get pregnant. I have yet to hear back from them. But because of my age, I dont think they are particularly arsed with me.

I will give them a call though.

They did tell me that this process could take about 2 - 3 years waiting though.

In the meantime, I have Daisy, Cookie and Tom who all need constant looking after. Well Cookie doesnt really, She just gets on with it and demands a cuddle now and again (usually when Tom takes Daisy out for a walkies!)

The most important thing is not to get my hopes up.


Christmas tree & decs are still in the cupboard.


I'm hungry.
I fancy lasagna.
I fancy a hot mince pie.
I fancy a baggit of crisps.
I fancy some dip to dip the crisps in.
I fancy a sausage roll.
I fancy a big fat cheese burger.
I fancy a cheese & ham toastie with onions & branston pickle in.
I fancy a big fat warm chocolate brownie to finish off.



Anonymous said...

I walked up to the chipshop at lunch and got myself chips and a portion of mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

.::~P~::. said...

I hate when they do that!

I've had a similar case a few years ago and recently found out they are still charging me and I owe close to 2,000.....

Sure... when I canceled 3 years ago and have confirmations of cancellation? That is BS I tell you.


sparkx said...

ach shit n rollox, gimme their number Kirsty, givit me, now, lemme have a go, have a go Lynn, ooo yeah, I'm reet up for it, I'll givem peice of my mind. Threaten trading standards or sommet, this ain't good nuff, no way, I'm angry now with you, useless useless people.

Your IVF story is sad, but no, never give up hope, hundreds and thousands of women have given birth on IVF right up till they're 50 and more, so you still got plenny of time yet, don't fret. Have a chat with Carole, she had the same concerns and went through the same worries, took her aaages to conceive Milly. She won't mind, she's lovely our Carole.
xx Lynbo xx

sparkx said...

when I said 'I'm angry now with you', I didn't meant with you, I meant alongside you, just to clear that up.
Trying to fix teleport machine my end, might be the batteries, or could be in need of some DW40 x