Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Couldn't be bothered cooking tonight. Had a ham and pineapple pizza from PaPaPan up the rood like! Had it delivered too.

Mr Kirstykins decided that Tuesday nights would be his turn to cook...... He did call the pizza place, but I had to answer the door!

I just ate half my pizza, but most of the garlig bread pizza base. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Daisy has been really odd this evening. Very docile and sleepy. Then a moment of madness, then a bit sleepy again. She has also started nipping me. It doesnt hurt, but its extremelly annoying.

I got the day off tomorrow. Its Mr Kirstykins Birfdee. I can't tell you what I got him yet because he is sat next to me and will see.

I have written a really long letter to the Management Company about Tubby Titwitch, hopefully they will write to her. Certainly they will see just some of the things that she has done to us. Watch this space. I wish a big monster came along and ate her up!!

Lie in tomorrow YEYYYYY.

I'm off to bed now, sooooooooo tired.



Sara said...

Happy Birthday Mr Kirstykins... have a pretty day you two :o)

If the management company don't do anything, badger them, be a nuisance. Lots of phone calls and letters. They'll sort her out just to shut you up!