Saturday, 1 November 2008


Well, I am glad Halloween is over for another year.

We managed to avoid the pesky trick or treaters.

I did catch up with Reece & Riley next door to give them thier Halloween Goodie Bags that I had bought for them. The are great kids. They don't really have many friends round here, so they always knock round wanting to take Daisy out or to see Cookie.

Pitty the other neighbour is such an old witch! I expect she is tired today after a busy night casting spells last night!

Anyway today has been yet another non productive day. Although I managed to get a very long piece of rope so that I can start training Daisy to be properly off the lead. Should be fun as she has selective hearing!!

Also, Mum has this Christmas tree that she and Dad bought when they lived in Norway. They still have it after all these years, it takes little tiny baubles and over the years they have all broken and we have never found any to replace them........... Until today. I was in B&Q and saw all the Christmas trees and got all excited so I had a wonder round the Christmas section while Mr K went to the looloo. And there on the top shelf were the small baubles. I was so excited, and I just wanted to say to everyone.... "Look, Look, Small Balls"......... but I didn't just in case someone called security.

They came in 3 different packs. Silver, Glittery and Black....... Silver, Glittery and White or Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green & Pink........ So I bought the Silver Glittery & Black ones to add a little modern feeling to an old tree. If I remember I shall take a peekture.

I have made about 6 different books on my I can't believe how good it is. I hope that the finished product will be just as good. I got a hundred different ideas swimming around my head with what pictures to go in and who to send it too.

Next weekend we will be tearing up Manchester. Was April or May last time we were in Manchester. It is so far now and far easier to stay in our local pub which is 30 seconds walk from our front door and 30 minutes to walk back!!

I have had 2 very wierd dreams. I had a really funny dream... I remember Lynbo saying about laughing uncontrollably, well it happened to me too. I was in a chemist and was trying to buy something, but I couldnt buy anyting because the man in front hadnt finished buying his stuff but the cashier didnt know that he only had to press T to allow someone else through, so while I was waiting I was watching a girl play on the fruit machine, but she lost and it told her to piss off in a computer voice, and I thought this was absolutely hilarious and I was laughing so much that my tummy was aching!

But then the next night (30th) OMG I had the worst dream about being chased by a werewolf. It was in my house which in my dream was a big old colonial house which I love in real life, and everytime the moon went behind a cloud, the werewolf would just stop, but when it came out, it went mental and was looking for me all round the house and I could hear its breathing and feel its breath in my dream. Eeeewww it was horridbul.

Tonight I made my famous Spaghetti Bollognaise. I shall write it down and then publish it on here. I just throw everything together, so I shall have to have a think about what I put in it. I also will be starting my Christmas Puds again. I will also be making a Christmas cake too this year to take to my cousins family get together.

God I hope that Christmas will be a happy time. My brother has still not been in touch. It makes me very angry as he has just allowed his silly immature girlfriend to dictate to him who he can and cannot see. I am verging on the edge (as my Lynbo said) on giving her a very big piece of my mind.!! I think that she has forgotten about the time when I allowed her to live at my house with Richard.... Both of them RENT FREE!!!! her for about 18 months and Richard for about 3 years!!!!!!! Very selfish girl she is. Mr Kirstykins doesnt like her after she came into the pub, butted in my conversation and shouted right accross the table.... "what have I got that Kirsty will never have" then preceeded to grab her enormous bust and shouted "A pair of tits".

Apart from this being extremely rude and just down right arogant, was very hurtful.

I have to thank Mr Vodka Redbull that night as her statement fell upon deaf ears. Allthough Mr Kirstykins heard it, and was not impressed. I very much doubt he will ever speak to her again!!

Anyway, she has got her perfect life now. Bully for her. I hope a big truck full of horse shit drops its load all over her. Hopefully it will drown out the smell of chip fat!!!!!

Anyhoobles. I shall go for now. I want to play with my photo book.

Lots of Love
Sleep Tight.



Sara said...

Giggle, she sounds very mature, your Brother's Girlfriend. She should feel proud, she has great big boobs to match her great big gob ;o)

I had one of those photo books made for Mr B for his Birthday last year :o)


Sara said...

Forgot to say... I did a LOL at the "look, look, small balls" thing :o)

sparkx said...

I don't like your bro's girlfriend, she must feel very jealous and extremely lacking in other departments to feel the need to do that, big tits but freaking ugly and foul mouthed. I'd say to her, at least I could have a boob job, what could you do about your face?
very appropriate my WV today: Trolplo - reaarange letters = your brother's girfriend!