Monday, 3 November 2008

Raving Lunatic

Its happened again.

Mr Kirstykins & I were enjoying watching a telly programme,,,,,,, I can't even think what it was about now because of all the commotion. We were all snuzzled on the sofa, with Daisy and Cookie too. Daisy has been really off recently with all the fireworks, so she is ultra clingy at the moment and isnt very well really, Cookie, well Cookie is just a nut and sleeps for 35 hours a day so she isnt too bothered.

And then it starts.................... It was like an earthquake then screaming and shouting. The neighbour AGAIN.... Well she was shouting things like "it is all day long, it never stops" and then she was outside our front door saying things like "he is an evil evil lazy bastard that has never done a days work in his life" "they have made my life hell, she is never in, he is there all the time waiting for me".

Well immediately we got onto the police. They fobbed us off and told us to call back in 15 minutes if it was still going on..... It was, so we called back. Mr Kirstykins is on the phone and not really getting anywhere because he is so upset that this bitch has been calling him lazy (he actually works about 14 hours a day... 6 days a week!!!!) And I work 8-6pm.

So I got the phone and let it rip with the police. I said that this has been going on since February, the first night we moved in. She has told countless lies about us, accused me of breaking into her car (yeah like I would know how to break into a car without putting a brick through the window and why would I waste my time on breaking into a 15 year old pergeot small thing?)

Anyway.... The police called on her first because we got the complaint in first... they didnt say that we had called because one of the policeguys knew me from previous incedents. Anyway, she admitted to shouting banging and screaming. Was going on about something completely different... (I was too annoyed and upset to even ask) And then they came round here.

Immediately the police were sympathetic to us both. And basically just said that unfortunately there is nothing we can do because I own this property and she owns her propety. The only thing we can do is move. (which we cant at the moment because we are tied into a mortgage, plus nothng is selling round here coz of the bloody credit crap)

Oh also... she was screaming that she wants compensation from us because we have downvalued her property.............. (obviously not aware of house prices naturally dropping with the Crunchy Credit).

So basically we are stuck with the stupid nasty evil tit unless she becomes threatening or violent.

I honestly wish she would, then they can come and take her off and stick her in a cell for the night, then she will hopefully realise what an arsehole she is.

I always thought that neighbours were supposed to look out for each other! Obviously I was wrong.

Tom & I are the quietest people around here. We don't have people round, we don't blast music out, we look after they neighbours kids quite a lot (almost every day during school holidays), I have ran a neighbour to his wife's brothers house and back about 9 at night (they dont have a car). Tom is forever fixing kids bikes when they break. I was teaching next door's daughter how to make brocolli cheese with bacon (odd child wanting to learn and cook!!) (they bring me malteasers mmmmm).

I am becoming paranoid about this woman. I am worried that she tourments our pets when we are not home. I think I will buy a CCTV camera and install it and record it while we are out.

My mind works overtime thinking evil horrible things that she might be doing while we are not here, like pushing poison through the letter box and such.

It isn't doing me much good. Its making me ill.

I am going to write to my MP I think. Its all I can think of doing at the moment. I think I may write to the management company too. This area here is an old hospital that was knocked down and rebuilt in 2002. They have done a fantastic job creating lots of apartments, semi detached bungalows and a row of mews cottages. Ours is one of 4 apartments, this is 2 bed and the witch upstairs is a 1 bed. same next door. This building was an old workhouse of some sort.... Its a lovely building, the builders kept many original features but made the inside really modern and spacious. I would love it if it wasnt for Cruella Deville upstairs.

She has been banned from any AGM that goes on as she doesnt offer anything other than complaints about the neighbours.

One of the most respected members of this community who is quiet elderly had a tongue lashing from her and luckily she recorded it. (something I must do).

Oh I just needed a whinge about this woman. There was a time where I wouldnt let this type of thing bother me, but it really does now, I will not be... no, WE will not be her subject of entertainment because she has sweet FA else going for her.

I have said to Tom (as he is very upset by what she keeps doing) that we have to act like there is absolutely nothing wrong as this will really piss her off. But inside my head and my heart I am burning up with rage for this woman and boy it is taking a lot of effort stopping myself from giving her a complete verbal battering using all the swear words I can muster up.

I sharnt tell the police that Tom's brother stole one of her plant pots just before he went to Afganistan!!!! And I sharnt tell the police that I spit my chewing gum into her other plant pots. And I sharnt tell the police that last night I ran past her car when I was taking Daisy out and accidentally hit it with the dog lead (teehee). (didnt do anything to it though) Oh and once, when it was really rainy (this is disgusting, I am ashamed at my own immaturity!!) I had a really runny nose so I wiped it away with my fingers and splattered my runny nosey mess on her car!!

I deserve all I get!


The woman is driving me to dispair. I do not know how to deal with it.

I will give anyone a huge bag of their favourite sweeties to kidnapped and dumped on an island with no phones, people, tellys or tinternet. Just send her food now and again so she doesnt die.

Would that statement go against me in a court of law if she somehow hacked into my computer and found this entry?

Try it lady, just try it. You lie about us....... we can lie about you. Like the time you were licking my car windscreen, or walking round naked asking anyone if they had a spare goat!

Anyway. I am going to watch a bit of Ghosthunting with Yvette and the Dingles from Emmerdale.

Good night me loverlies.

x x x x x x x x


sparkx said...

I somehow don't think she is gonna read your journal Kirsty lol. Here's what you gotta do, keep a daily diary, photos, videos, all the evidence you can, you need to get court injunction to keep her away from you and your property, as soon as she steps over the line the police can lock her up. I'm surprised they havent already advised you about this! It's gone too far now, spesh if it is making you ill. Go seek legal advice.
XX lynbo xx

Odds Bodkins. said...

I agree with Lynbo. You could also check with neighbours to see if they're suffering the same treatment. If enough of you have a legit complaint about her it would hold more water.

B. x

Mr Brainwhispers said...

Just punch her f*cking face in!

I knocked on my neighbours door the other day and told him to turn his music down. Its been quiet ever since.

Sara said...

If I had a spare island I would gladly dispose of her there for you. What a horrible situation!