Thursday, 30 October 2008

Brand & Ross

Oh, and as for this Brand & Ross thing. Radio 2 is so boring (believe me, it is. I have to listen to it every day all day at work) that they have to blow everything out of proportion to make it sound like an interesting and scandalous radio station to get more listeners. So what if they made a prank phone call. Kids all over the world make prank calls every day. Obviously Manuel left his sence of humour with the fawlty's!!!! xxx

Oh I know, it was a little out of order. But come on. Slap on the wrist, maybe a couple of months salary given to charity and a public apology (which they did). I mean, Jonathan Ross gets around £6 million a year! Sack the greedy git I say. He doesnt need to work.

I don't particularly like either Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross, but I don't think that they deserved such extreme punishments.

Radio One DJ Chris Moyles has said Cock, Arse, Tits, made reference to his willy and all sorts of stuff in the morning when listeners are likely to be schoolies!! Why is he not sacked. And lets face it, he aint the best DJ in the country is he. I very much doubt he would be missed!!

I'm off before I start getting cross.



sparkx said...

before you start getting cross? wow, I'd hate to see you when you are crossed, oh, we have, lot's of times, int we! lol. I never heard the phonecall, I'm gonna go look for it, see what all the fuss is about xxx

sparkx said...

just did one of those albums for my mum, for crimbo, she's gonna love it, an album full of piccies from this year that she hasn't seen, super idea, thanks Kirsty x

sparkx said...

Blimey, it's really cheap too, only a tenner for 20 page book!