Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Mood: Way down there somewhere!

Listening to: Radio bleedin 2 (soooooo booring)

Seeing: The back of my boss's head, nice blue sky and green trees just starting to turn red/brown, fields with cows and sheep... (I dont work on a farm, there are just farmers fields outside)

My Biorythm is all up the wall. It is true too. I am feeling very thick, I have no energy and I am up the wall on the emotions!
Today your intellectual level is 4%: it is advisable to avoid too much study. Your physical level is 36%: if you can, do not exert yourself too much.
Your emotional level is 1%: it is worth putting off delicate matters!

How do you calm you emotional levels then?

Even last night, I found myself with a lump in my throat watching Dog Borstal....... Dog Borstal for goodness sakes. However, I did manage to control the tears upon seeing Mr Kirstykins welling up because the bad doggies had become lovely good doggies and the owners were so proud of their k9 friends. So I had to take the mickey out of him a little.

But, yet again, I woke up in a foul mood. WHY? And of course you take it out on the person closest to you and for the rest of the day there is a big cloud over your head, your nearest & dearest's head, the animals sense it too. And work.... well that has just been a total right off today. I haven't been able to concentrate. I just couldn't be bothered in my meeting (it was only health & safety stuff... Booooring), and I haven't eaten all day and probably wont bother tonight.

Got lots of stuff going on at the moment, and I will be writing about it all shortly. I am keeping a "secret log" of it all so I don't forget anything.

So right now, all I need is a big snuggle off Mr Kirstykins, but he is at work and pretty pissed off with me at the moment..... quite rightly so too. I was a complete arse this morning and I feel terrible about it. We'll see wont we.

Well. Back to work. Got quite a bit of stuff to do like going round counting the fire extinguishers, logging what they are and size and if they have the safety tag intact!

Its all a load of crap today!


Anonymous said...

I put my secret logs in the toilet :o)

Sara said...

Giggles at Mr B :o)

Kirsty... we don't know each other very well, but I wants to give you a ((( hug ))) after reading this.

Your Mr will understand I'm sure. Try and eat something.


sparkx said...

I will always luffs me kirsty. Times are hard, we is all a struggling right now, so don't you feel alone, cos you is never alone. Things will sort out, stay strong, and yes you must eat sommet, even if shorkerlatte xxx