Thursday, 16 October 2008

Training at Work

So, 2 hours wasted from my day doing some "Foundation Fire Awareness for Employees" course and then I got roped into doing "Foundation Awareness for Designate Fire Marshall's".

Now, I know that this "Foundation Awareness for Designate Fire Marshall's" is incorrectly written. I have written it as it is on the test paper.

It should be Foundation Awareness for Designated (put the d in) Fire Marshalls (no apostrophe).

Or... I could just be completely wrong. I just wanted to moan about something completely random as I am sick of hearing about the Credit Crunch, Recessions, Madonna & Guy's Divorce, Victoria & David's Marital Struggles, the rain, petrol prices and inflation.

For the money that it cost, I would expect to have correctly spelt test papers.

I got top marks anyhow. It was far too easy.

The only thing that I learnt was that a CO2 fire extinguisher puts a fire out by freezing it and if you hold the extinguisher incorrectly, your hands will freeze and stick to the extinguisher.

Oh, I also learnt that it only took 3 minutes for the fire to spread at Bradford City Football Ground in 1985.

That was it. That is all I learnt from 2 hours. Everything else discussed was purely common sense. (however some of the others on the course obviously have no common sense whatsoever).

And I also learnt that it is colder in the training room than it is in my office.

Daisy is spending the day at my Mum & Dad's after being an absolute sod all night long. I just don't know what is up with her. Perhaps I should change her food. Give her a nightcap of hot milk, whiskey and honey. Give her sedatives. Have her voice box removed! I have to keep Daisy and Cookie separated when we can't stop Cookie from trying to suck milk out of her, if I lock Cookie up, she launches herself at the door and meows really loud. She doesn't like being without someone to cuddle up to. I took Daisy for a walk at 2am this morning to try to knacker her out. Its just not working.

Anyway. Got lots of stuff to do at work.

Blogger is better than AOHELL.

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sparkx said...

Oh God, your animals, what pests they are, have you had them castrated? I've heard it calms things down. I dunno, I've never had dogs. And cats, well cats are cats. That course sounds like fun, no doubt I'll have a few of them where I'm going, I'm off in a bit, nervous I am, silly I am xx

Andy said...

I know what you mean about the fire course-if I see the film of the Bradford fire once more I could narate it blindfold. Did they explain the triangle of fire to you! In reality though it is a serious subject which could have life threatning possibilities.
As for your animals afraid I cant offer any suggestions-all the dogs I have owned have been male and dare I say it trouble free!

Anonymous said...

Do you now know how to start a fire and make it look like an accident?
Because Lynbo knows some house that need torching!