Wednesday, 15 October 2008


My mother doesnt like my profile picture. She says it doesnt do me justice. Personally I think its alright, Daisy hides most of my face!!

Daisy is currently having a phantom pregnancy. she is a bloody nightmare. She carries this rubber chicken round with her everywhere and whines all the time. Its driving me mad.

I have resorted to keeping Daisy and Cookie separated when we are not in... i.e Cookie gets the bedroom, Daisy gets the rest of the place. Good idea? Bad idea? Baaaad ish.... Daisy loves the new rug and how it tastes!!!!

First day back at work today after Thursday & Friday were spent with my head down the loo, in a plastic bag or at the roadside being sick, and Monday & Tuesday were spent, with the full intention of getting things done, sort of getting things done. Tuesday at the hospital, for what I thought would be a quick in and out, luckily I was very early because I couldnt find a parking space at all. Over a thousand spaces and not one were available.... sure there were empty spaces in the staff parking. Lots of empty spaces, but you cant park in those spaces, they are for hospital staff.... Nooooooooo patients have to park half a mile away on a scrappy piece of land that scrapes the bottom of your car.

Anyway, hospital went fine. I really enjoyed walking back to my car after what I went throught thanks very much............ NOT !!!!!

I can hear Cookie launching herself at the door, so I best go before she hurts herself.

Night Night. xx x x x xx


Anonymous said...

My profile pic is better.

Andy said...

Nowt wrong with your picture but tnan I am not your Mum!

lynn said...

I luffs your profile picture here too. And I am glad that you're not chucking out technicolour yawns no more, that sure was a nasty bug/poisoning.
Haff a lovely days

xx nlg from me xxx