Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ok, so it is now official. I have finally given AOLJournals the big E. I am tired of it now, they have buggered us about for too long. They lose emails, they lose entries, they wait till you have written your entry and upon saving it, they decide that they are having technical problems and that you should try again in a few minutes and ooops, that entry you did, we couldnt save it so you will have to write it again.

The technical team at AOHELL are fantastic................................... NOT. I cant be bothered telling you about them, I am sure you already know.

My loopy neighbour has got herself a kitten. Which explains why she keeps leaving her light on at the bottom of her stairs now, because obviously she doesnt realise that cats can see in the dark much better than us hoomans.

Silly old bat accused me of breaking into her 1993 peugeot whatever 06 (however u spell it) I was so angry with her. Why on earth would I want to do that? She has an annoying accent too. She pronounces her words sloppy. i.e. Instead of pronouncing property as propertee, she pronounces it propattaa.... Well I only just resisted the temptation in correcting the old bag! And as she wouldnt talk to me reasonably and because I was so poorly at the time, I unfortunately stooped to her level and called her a nasty word and told her to eff off. Quite frankly, I just dont care anymore, the police have told her to get lost too, so they will just do the same again. She is so paranoid that she has chained everything down. Anyone would have thought we lived in the Bronx!! I just don't know how to get out of this one. Perhaps if I won the lottery. Then I would rent this place out for £1.00 per month to some druggies or a single mum with 8 kids who smokes pipes or cigars. oooooooh ooooohhh.... Or a whole family with Turretts. That would be fantastic. Wild outbursts of swearing at inappropriate times. Classic.

I have tomorrow and Tuesday off work. Got lots of stuff to sort out, and I am at the hopstickle on Tuesday. Just random tests should be fine.

Cookie is growing lots. She is such a little cutie.

Daisy is just a big fat lump. Tom let her off the lead the other day and she went running off down the bridal path on an adventure. He only caught her coz she stopped to have a wee. We let her off today, I had lots of treats for her so she didnt run off. Was fun. I like letting her off the lead, she can run about at her own pace.
Tom has just realised that he is reading a paper from August 21st!!! Silly numpty!
Anyhoo. I will most deffo have something interesting to say tomorrow no doubt.
Night Night.
Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sara said...

Aww... I like letting my Spud off the lead for a run about too :o)

I think your profile pic is lovely by the way.