Wednesday, 29 October 2008


There is lots going on.

I am so glad that I dont work in the other office.

All the girls seem to be bitching about each other. (one in particular!)

Yesterday I got caught up in a little bit of it, but I just quickly left the room so I didn't get involved. (about one of the girls swearing!)

I just can't be bothered with it all.

Last night one of the drivers got caught syphoning diesel out of the lorry into cans and the main boss caught him!! (was driving a different car to usual so this is why he got caught)!! Anyway, he pulled up, got the keys off him, locked the lorry up and left the employee up on the tops.... (by the Cat n Fiddle (its a road in the middle of nowhere) to make his own way home!!!!

Last night it was -2.5 degrees...... The employee is 65 years old.

I know what he did is theft and wrong. But for crying out loud. 65 years old. It was so cold last night.

I think that was a little mean. He could have dropped him off at the pub or just taken him home and told him to come in the next day to explain himself and we should have done an analysis of his fuel and taken any discrepancies out of his wages (he earns enough)!????

What happens if he had a heart attack or something. Or got run over as there are no pavements up there and as you can see, no houses, phone boxes (or mobile phone signal)....

I don't know why the drivers do this. I can tell you that their wages are mega. The majority of our drivers are coming out with £500-600 per week. Some of them are coming out with over a thousand per week. So why do they feel the need to rob fuel?

I don't think I get paid enough.

I want to be challenged. I have so much more to give. I am capeable of anything, yet on paper I am not experienced enough to get that job that will challenge me and pay me lots of money.

Still no snow here. I thought there would be a sprinkling of the white stuff overnight, but nope. On the drive to work this morning it was very frosty and there was some slushy stuff in the middle of the road, so there may have been a little. But it could have just been mud with a coating of frost, at 50mph it was hard to tell.

I have bought The Script. I love it. Some of the songs sound a little similar, but I dont care, I really like them. Mr Kirstykins doesnt, so its first come first served on the car stereo! Note to self... I must make his cd's mysteriously disappear!!! tee hee.

Anyhoo, best get some work done.!

x x x me x x x


Andy said...

There is a certain sense in making the punishment fit the crime but the way this man was treated was quite simply barbaric. When we suspect someone of fraud we have to follow certain procedures-the first stage is to suspend them (without pay) and than get an independant investigator to examine the case and follow it through. If we want to take legal action we than have to persuede Crown Prosecution Service that we have enough evidence to bring a case and thats not easy.

All the way through procedures have to be followed and if we dont follow them the 'accused' can lodge a claim under the grievance procedudre.

In this mans case surely the fact that he was caught red handed and will probably lose his company pension is adequate punishment. I only hope nothing happened to him and that the manager was able to sleep well-I know I would not be able to!

sparkx said...

that sounds more like a personal punishment, not a professional one, that's just terrible, difficult situation, the poor bloke can't really take it further cos he was caught stealing and if he made a complaint then the stealing this is gonna be even more kinda publicised, I guess your boss knew that, which is why he knew he'd gerraway with it. Not good though. One day you'll find your perfect job, I'll do another spell :o) xx Lynbo xx
P.S my verification word today is abolloca, I had one yesterday which was Gonid, all willy references, typical!