Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Radio Rambles

And it goes like this............ (in the style of Queen please)

Ba da da da da da Another one bites the dust!!!
Ba da da da daaaa Another one bites the dust!!!!
and another one gone and another one gone
another one bites the dust
(daisy sings) Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust!

This one was actually supposed to be unbreakable! however did not live upto its reputation when Daisy got her chops round it. Several pieces all with Daisy bite holes in.

30 Sparkly Baubles

There were 30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree.

30 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Tree (I hope you are all singing this!!)

And if One Sparkly Bauble should accidently fall (because Cookie climbed the tree, because Daisy was chasing her, then Cookie saw sparkly shimmer and decided to play with it, knocked it off and Daisy thought... "ooooooo a ball for meeeee" but then it smashed and ended up in 3 different rooms in 12 pieces)

There will be 29 Sparkly Baubles Hanging on the Treeeeee.

Tune in next time on Radio Rambles for the next verse of the Sparkly Bauble Christmas Song!!

So here's what I did the other night.
I love hot vimto. Tom did make me a "Hot Vimmy" as I call it. But I forgot about it and it went cold. So, as we were going to bed, I decided to warm it up in the microwave. I put it on for a minute went to wash my face then came back.... opened up the microwave...... grabbed the handle........... then as I started to pull it out of the microwave the vimto exploded out of the cup, all over the ceilling, walls, sink, clean pots, floor and....... ME.

Hot Vimto landed on my head and burnt like crazy. It has burnt the side of my head by my temple too.

It isnt going to scar, and it hasnt gone all over my face which it could have done.

Its the last time I put that mug in the microwave. I noticed that it had a tiny bit of metal writing on it. I think it was because of that it exploded.

Back to workiepoos.

x x x x x x x x x x

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Waste of a Day

I seem to have completely lost it today!

What started out as a little headache, turned into me almost passing out with a headache from hell and almost throwing up.... except I didn't have anything to throw up inside me.

We popped over to Buxton to do a little xmas shopping, but there was just no way I could function. I just wanted to come home.

I thought it might be that I had nothing to eat, so we stopped in a little coffee shop and we ordered a bacon butty (not Lynbo's type of "bacon butty" she once wrote about in her AOL Journal!!!!) for Tom and a sausage butty for me. Well, I sent mine back and asked for my money back. I am not paying £2.95 for a stone cold sausage butty that was half frozen and half microwaved. I was disgusted and I shall only ever go there for a coffee and never to eat!!! They were not English people working there and he got all narky because I said I didnt want another one making for me! No way was I eating in that establishment.

I have never asked for my money back in places that I have eaten before. But this time I did. Last week we went to Frankie & Bennys and the middle of my lasagna was just warm, so I decided to send that back too. I was nice about it and we got 4 £5.00 off vouchers with our bill. (Ususally you only get one!)

Anyway. That didnt help. The headache got worse and worse and by the time we got home I was in absolute agony, I could hardly open my eyes with the pain, next door's kids came running up wanting to come round and I had to turn them away. I slumped on the sofa with a duvet and had a hot berry flu plus beechams drink because i couldnt stomach swallowing tablets let alone look for them, and within about 2 hours I was feeling a lot better.

We watched Miracle on 34th Street which was lovely (was the remake not the original).

I still feel a bit off. I had every intention of doing Sunday Sorting today and that went right out of the window.

Lynbo, what is............... WV - Mytoi ??? Have a completely lot the plot?

So here is me little Swedish Yuletide Gnome. He is a cutiepiepie.

Here is a bit of the Christmas Tree.

This is the snow last week on the way to work and work's car park.

This is as close as you can get to snow without getting your eyes wet.....


I have done the tree. I have taken several pictures of it but the camera doesnt seem to pick out how nice it looks. Or maybe my eyes are just crap now.

Next door's kiddies came to help. All the red baubles were round the back at the bottom, all the gold baubles were round the front at the bottom, so I had to rearrange them all. Still, they enjoyed themselves and as a special treat, I took a picture of them by the tree, super imposed it on a christmas card from Moonpig and bought a personalised card for them to send to thier Nanna.

The bank has given us some breathing space till March. I will have to really tighten my pursestrings and get some extra work if it is to work. I will also be applying to get all my bank charges refunded back to me..... they are just nasty gits with the bank charges. I had funds in one account but the other one was over drawn and they have charged me £20.00 a day for 15 days and could see I had funds in the other account and didnt move them accross. Yes I know, it is upto me to do this myself and keep my accounts straight, but these fat pigs don't understand real life and real people and circumstances and peoples fears. I am frightened to death of logging onto my account or opening a bank statement.

Anyway. I have vowed to make sure that I keep in the black at all times now.

I am off to the garden centre to buy a christmas decoration. We will buy one new decoration a year.

Mum has started us off on these cute little sweedish yuletide gnomes that her friend knitted. It is absolutely gorgeous. The battery has just gone in the camera so I shall post pictures later.

I have woken up with a banging headache and my left eye cant focus very well.

Right. Back later. Chokkies in the advent calendar were scrummy for me brekky. mmmmm

x x x x x

Thursday, 4 December 2008


I knew it would happen.

I cancelled my broadband with AOHELL in September.

They took the payment in September.

I called. They said all is cancelled. Thank you very much.

They took a payment in October.

I called.

They promised to give my money back.

They took another payment in November.

I called.

He promised to give me 2 months payment back.

I am willing to put a bet on it that they take another payment out in December.

Are all AOHELL customer billing services call operatives or whatever they call themselves called Halamhandaja Ilbananderbad ? And why, when you eventually get past please press one, you now have 10 options, press 1 if you are an existing member 2 if you want to be baffled, 3 if you want to have the piss taken out of you, 4 if you want to speak to a russian, 5 if you want to speak to someone who is of asian origin... bla bla bla. why do they always whisper, talk shite, and in a completely different language?

I seem to get the same guy all the time. They are really pissing me off. I have phoned about 5 times now and each time I have to listen to the horrible person I start to feel really angry and want to punch him in the mouth.................. with a bag of poo!

I rang the bank and they said they couldnt stop payments coming out because they are taking it off my card and that I should call AOL and sort it out with them.

So the bank arent really bothered that AOHELL are fraudulently taking money from my account.

I want to kill AOHELL now.

They make me angry.


The IVF thing........... I would gladly give away my eggs for free IVF treatment.

I have had IVF privately before and fell pregnant with twins. Sadly I went into labour early and they didnt survive.

The cost was around £7,000.oo as I had to have a treatment called ICSII.

I have been through tests on the ever efficient NHS which suggest that there is nothing wrong with me and there is no reason why I cant get pregnant. I have yet to hear back from them. But because of my age, I dont think they are particularly arsed with me.

I will give them a call though.

They did tell me that this process could take about 2 - 3 years waiting though.

In the meantime, I have Daisy, Cookie and Tom who all need constant looking after. Well Cookie doesnt really, She just gets on with it and demands a cuddle now and again (usually when Tom takes Daisy out for a walkies!)

The most important thing is not to get my hopes up.


Christmas tree & decs are still in the cupboard.


I'm hungry.
I fancy lasagna.
I fancy a hot mince pie.
I fancy a baggit of crisps.
I fancy some dip to dip the crisps in.
I fancy a sausage roll.
I fancy a big fat cheese burger.
I fancy a cheese & ham toastie with onions & branston pickle in.
I fancy a big fat warm chocolate brownie to finish off.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I am sat at work. Its been snowing all morning. There are very few people who have bothered to turn up today. I live the furthest away and I managed to get here (although coming out of my road I braked and carried on going straight onto the main road and almost crashed... but nevermind!).

So anyhoo. Its pretty quiet so I thought I would have a bit of a rant.

Life is hard at the moment. Struggling from one day to the next, things are looking bleak. I have had to put IVF on hold because of money troubles which, because of my age, means that I will never be able to have a chance to have a baby again unless I win the lottery. (fat chance of that as you have to buy a ticket to be in with a chance of winning).

Anyway. I was just scooting around the net and noticed an advertisment for Save the Children. Now, I do give to charity, I do cancer research and the RSPCA. I am a member of the National Trust too (not that it is a charity, but it goes towards keeping Britain's nice spots, nice!!) I always buy a poppy, and if there is a genuine charity rattler at the entrance of the supermarket I will pop a coupla quid in.

So this charity, Save the Children, all about giving childeren in the 3rd world an education/food/toys etc that couldnt afford it.

A Gift of £20.00 from me will feed a family for one month!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is it.

So why does it not feed my family for a month? £20.00 will feed my family for 2 days oh and that is just crap food, if I was to buy fresh meat and vegetables, the shopping bill would be more.

We also noticed last night that Tesco haven't passed on the 2.5% VAT they have saved on vatable goods to its customers!! But then again Tesco is a money grabbing greedy organisation sent to dominate the world.

I was going to put my christmas tree up, but I couldnt be bothered.

I went to see a solicitor about my neighbour......

#1. I have grounds for harrassment (it will cost me thousands in solicitors fees to get an injunction)

#2. I was also mis-sold the property as there was trouble before me and they didnt declare it, also, the woman who signed it is not the name on the particulars. (this will cost me thousands to sue the person who sold me the property)

I have no money to take them to court so I have to live in misery until she dies or I die or get repossessed!.

If I won the lottery I would give our flat to the roughest family going!

Monday, 17 November 2008


Don't you just hate people that say "Oh yep. I can help you out" then leave you hanging on and on then say call such a body they will help you. So you bite the bullet and make that call only to get... Oh you should have called a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks for nothing.

I'm disappearing for a while folkies. I'm not in a very good mood at the moment.


Love me.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 11 November 2008


God knows where my boss is. Its a little annoying really as I have no idea where she is, if she is coming in or what! I need tomorrow off as I am visiting the Solicitors over the batty cow neighbour.

It is freezing up ere by the way. I am sure that we are in for a harsh winter this year.

I can see a little red tractor.

I did a load of work on the computer here and the IT guy did something to the server and it lost my workbook. grrrrrr. had to type it all out again.

I am bored.

I need a wee.

I will make a cuppasoup. Boring. I want KFC.

I made steak last night. Mr Kirstykins slapped on a load of Tabasco, he got very hot.!

I did my 2 minutes silence today at 11am. Mr Kirstykins brother is over in Afganistan till March or April.

Anyway. I am going to sort my desk out.

x x xx x x xx x x xx x x

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Quiet Time

Ohhhhhhhh. I just done a huge yawn.

I think that it is the dark nights.

Tom & I were out last night, there was 7 of us and a hanger onner who just would not bugger off. Even my sarcastic efforts of "Tyrone, do you have any friends" didn't make him go away. (he looked like Tyrone off Corronation Street).

We had a really good night out. We went to Manchester. But we started at 5.30pm and got the last train home which was about 11.30pm. This was absolutely perfect. 6 hours of drinking, back home and in bed by 12.45am snuzzled up nursing a poorly toe because I insist on wearing the most ridiculously high strappy shoes.

Leaving the bars at 11.20ish was far better than leaving at 4 in the morning. You don't see any fighting, no classy girls being sick in the street, no drunks sprawled, no idiots trying to pick fights with vehicles in the middle of the road.

Although I am disgusted with myself for eating a filthy dirty cheeseburger & chips when we got off the train near home. AND I ate nearly all of it too. Dirty Girl!.

I drank so much water when I got in too. I was determined not to write off today. Drinking buckets of water really works. I must have drank close to a litre of water I reckon. Another thing I didn't drink last night was Redbull. I think that Redbull keeps me awake (and makes my teeth feel furry) I did have a right mix of drinks though, vodka & lemonades, a few shots, blue WKDs and Orange WKDs, I think I had some Jack Daniels too. All of that helped numb the pain of my poor feet. Which have been wrapped in fluffy socks all day.

Went to John Lewis. Got £25.00 of vouchers to spend. We looked at everything and couldnt find anything worth buying. We ended up getting a book called Why Do Dogs Drink Out of the Toilet?. It is quite funny.

At the moment, Daisy is on top of the cushions on the back of the sofa, fast asleep, snoring down my earhole.

The fireworks are driving her mad.

They say that we should ignore a dog when they are scared or it will make them scared all the time if you comfort them.

I am sorry, there is no way I am going to watch my little Daisy cower in a corner shaking because some louts are outside setting off stupid fireworks. I am going to let her know that she is safe with me and I will cuddle her. She loves her cuddles anyway. And she soon stops shaking when she is inbetween us.

Got a couple of mags from the supermarket too. Full of boring rubbish. Dont know why I bothered. Celebrity gossip is really boring at the moment. Its all about Posh & Becks's rules of what he can and cannot do while she is in LA and he is in Milan. Victoria, your husband is a seriel cheater, either deal with it and shut up or get rid and find yourself a normal bloke that wont cheat. Katy Price's (aka Jordan) weight gain. (she is probably having another baby!) oh and Kerry Katona is she a drunk or not a drunk. Well its either alcohol or drugs. Now stop booking this girl into tv shows so she can humiliate herself and let her get herself checked into a clinic to sort herself out. Boooooooooooooooooooooring.

I am going to get myself ready for a film now. I am going to get the duvet, get into my jammies and snuzzle up on the couch.

We have no milk. Grrr.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My Name is Daisy

Hello, my name is Daisy. I am the puppy doggy that lives with Mr & Mrs Kirstykins, they are my mummy & daddy. They are lovely lovely people. They give me lovely food and toys and take me out on lovely walkies. Sometimes they say that NO word to me a lot.... usually when I have one of Mummy's shoes in my mouth. I don't know why because it tastes delicious.

Today has been a fun day. I was allowed on the big bed because it was Daddy's birthday, we had snuzzles, but then I decided that it would be more fun to hide my toys under the pillows then go and chase Cookie about. Sometimes I like to lick Cookies ears, they taste lovely. I might sniff her bum too. Cookie is supposed to be my sister, but I think she is adopted as she doesnt look or sound like me one little bit!!

Mummy let me have some of her breakfast, was some of Speshul K. It was really yummy.

I then found a box with these long things with pretty coloured paper on and inside there were these long cardboardy things and inside them were these fluffy white thingies that looked like thin micees. They were great....... I managed to open about 5 before I got caught out. They must have been for Mummy as she only brings them out when she is grumpy and she was grumpy when she saw me with them, she did say that NO word to me again.

Mummy & Daddy took me out for a walk but I was very scared because of the big bangy things in the sky, they rushed me round and back home as quickly as possible. I decided that I didn't want to do weewee outside so I did it on the rug by the door instead. I don't think they will notice though.

Mummy has given me lots of delicious treats tonight. I am pretending that I don't like my food because Cookies food and treats taste much better. Tonight I had white fish flavoured stuff that Cookie has and about 15 little treats too. Its much nicer than that tinned stuff mummy has started buying for me.

I also found a black and silver thing that mummy strokes her head with. I think its called a brush. The handle on that is great to chew.

Anyway. I shall go and hide my chewy chew chews under mummy and daddies pillow now then have a snuzzle then go to sleep.

Night Nights. x x x x x x x x x

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Couldn't be bothered cooking tonight. Had a ham and pineapple pizza from PaPaPan up the rood like! Had it delivered too.

Mr Kirstykins decided that Tuesday nights would be his turn to cook...... He did call the pizza place, but I had to answer the door!

I just ate half my pizza, but most of the garlig bread pizza base. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Daisy has been really odd this evening. Very docile and sleepy. Then a moment of madness, then a bit sleepy again. She has also started nipping me. It doesnt hurt, but its extremelly annoying.

I got the day off tomorrow. Its Mr Kirstykins Birfdee. I can't tell you what I got him yet because he is sat next to me and will see.

I have written a really long letter to the Management Company about Tubby Titwitch, hopefully they will write to her. Certainly they will see just some of the things that she has done to us. Watch this space. I wish a big monster came along and ate her up!!

Lie in tomorrow YEYYYYY.

I'm off to bed now, sooooooooo tired.


Monday, 3 November 2008

Raving Lunatic

Its happened again.

Mr Kirstykins & I were enjoying watching a telly programme,,,,,,, I can't even think what it was about now because of all the commotion. We were all snuzzled on the sofa, with Daisy and Cookie too. Daisy has been really off recently with all the fireworks, so she is ultra clingy at the moment and isnt very well really, Cookie, well Cookie is just a nut and sleeps for 35 hours a day so she isnt too bothered.

And then it starts.................... It was like an earthquake then screaming and shouting. The neighbour AGAIN.... Well she was shouting things like "it is all day long, it never stops" and then she was outside our front door saying things like "he is an evil evil lazy bastard that has never done a days work in his life" "they have made my life hell, she is never in, he is there all the time waiting for me".

Well immediately we got onto the police. They fobbed us off and told us to call back in 15 minutes if it was still going on..... It was, so we called back. Mr Kirstykins is on the phone and not really getting anywhere because he is so upset that this bitch has been calling him lazy (he actually works about 14 hours a day... 6 days a week!!!!) And I work 8-6pm.

So I got the phone and let it rip with the police. I said that this has been going on since February, the first night we moved in. She has told countless lies about us, accused me of breaking into her car (yeah like I would know how to break into a car without putting a brick through the window and why would I waste my time on breaking into a 15 year old pergeot small thing?)

Anyway.... The police called on her first because we got the complaint in first... they didnt say that we had called because one of the policeguys knew me from previous incedents. Anyway, she admitted to shouting banging and screaming. Was going on about something completely different... (I was too annoyed and upset to even ask) And then they came round here.

Immediately the police were sympathetic to us both. And basically just said that unfortunately there is nothing we can do because I own this property and she owns her propety. The only thing we can do is move. (which we cant at the moment because we are tied into a mortgage, plus nothng is selling round here coz of the bloody credit crap)

Oh also... she was screaming that she wants compensation from us because we have downvalued her property.............. (obviously not aware of house prices naturally dropping with the Crunchy Credit).

So basically we are stuck with the stupid nasty evil tit unless she becomes threatening or violent.

I honestly wish she would, then they can come and take her off and stick her in a cell for the night, then she will hopefully realise what an arsehole she is.

I always thought that neighbours were supposed to look out for each other! Obviously I was wrong.

Tom & I are the quietest people around here. We don't have people round, we don't blast music out, we look after they neighbours kids quite a lot (almost every day during school holidays), I have ran a neighbour to his wife's brothers house and back about 9 at night (they dont have a car). Tom is forever fixing kids bikes when they break. I was teaching next door's daughter how to make brocolli cheese with bacon (odd child wanting to learn and cook!!) (they bring me malteasers mmmmm).

I am becoming paranoid about this woman. I am worried that she tourments our pets when we are not home. I think I will buy a CCTV camera and install it and record it while we are out.

My mind works overtime thinking evil horrible things that she might be doing while we are not here, like pushing poison through the letter box and such.

It isn't doing me much good. Its making me ill.

I am going to write to my MP I think. Its all I can think of doing at the moment. I think I may write to the management company too. This area here is an old hospital that was knocked down and rebuilt in 2002. They have done a fantastic job creating lots of apartments, semi detached bungalows and a row of mews cottages. Ours is one of 4 apartments, this is 2 bed and the witch upstairs is a 1 bed. same next door. This building was an old workhouse of some sort.... Its a lovely building, the builders kept many original features but made the inside really modern and spacious. I would love it if it wasnt for Cruella Deville upstairs.

She has been banned from any AGM that goes on as she doesnt offer anything other than complaints about the neighbours.

One of the most respected members of this community who is quiet elderly had a tongue lashing from her and luckily she recorded it. (something I must do).

Oh I just needed a whinge about this woman. There was a time where I wouldnt let this type of thing bother me, but it really does now, I will not be... no, WE will not be her subject of entertainment because she has sweet FA else going for her.

I have said to Tom (as he is very upset by what she keeps doing) that we have to act like there is absolutely nothing wrong as this will really piss her off. But inside my head and my heart I am burning up with rage for this woman and boy it is taking a lot of effort stopping myself from giving her a complete verbal battering using all the swear words I can muster up.

I sharnt tell the police that Tom's brother stole one of her plant pots just before he went to Afganistan!!!! And I sharnt tell the police that I spit my chewing gum into her other plant pots. And I sharnt tell the police that last night I ran past her car when I was taking Daisy out and accidentally hit it with the dog lead (teehee). (didnt do anything to it though) Oh and once, when it was really rainy (this is disgusting, I am ashamed at my own immaturity!!) I had a really runny nose so I wiped it away with my fingers and splattered my runny nosey mess on her car!!

I deserve all I get!


The woman is driving me to dispair. I do not know how to deal with it.

I will give anyone a huge bag of their favourite sweeties to kidnapped and dumped on an island with no phones, people, tellys or tinternet. Just send her food now and again so she doesnt die.

Would that statement go against me in a court of law if she somehow hacked into my computer and found this entry?

Try it lady, just try it. You lie about us....... we can lie about you. Like the time you were licking my car windscreen, or walking round naked asking anyone if they had a spare goat!

Anyway. I am going to watch a bit of Ghosthunting with Yvette and the Dingles from Emmerdale.

Good night me loverlies.

x x x x x x x x

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Well, I am glad Halloween is over for another year.

We managed to avoid the pesky trick or treaters.

I did catch up with Reece & Riley next door to give them thier Halloween Goodie Bags that I had bought for them. The are great kids. They don't really have many friends round here, so they always knock round wanting to take Daisy out or to see Cookie.

Pitty the other neighbour is such an old witch! I expect she is tired today after a busy night casting spells last night!

Anyway today has been yet another non productive day. Although I managed to get a very long piece of rope so that I can start training Daisy to be properly off the lead. Should be fun as she has selective hearing!!

Also, Mum has this Christmas tree that she and Dad bought when they lived in Norway. They still have it after all these years, it takes little tiny baubles and over the years they have all broken and we have never found any to replace them........... Until today. I was in B&Q and saw all the Christmas trees and got all excited so I had a wonder round the Christmas section while Mr K went to the looloo. And there on the top shelf were the small baubles. I was so excited, and I just wanted to say to everyone.... "Look, Look, Small Balls"......... but I didn't just in case someone called security.

They came in 3 different packs. Silver, Glittery and Black....... Silver, Glittery and White or Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green & Pink........ So I bought the Silver Glittery & Black ones to add a little modern feeling to an old tree. If I remember I shall take a peekture.

I have made about 6 different books on my www.blurb.com. I can't believe how good it is. I hope that the finished product will be just as good. I got a hundred different ideas swimming around my head with what pictures to go in and who to send it too.

Next weekend we will be tearing up Manchester. Was April or May last time we were in Manchester. It is so far now and far easier to stay in our local pub which is 30 seconds walk from our front door and 30 minutes to walk back!!

I have had 2 very wierd dreams. I had a really funny dream... I remember Lynbo saying about laughing uncontrollably, well it happened to me too. I was in a chemist and was trying to buy something, but I couldnt buy anyting because the man in front hadnt finished buying his stuff but the cashier didnt know that he only had to press T to allow someone else through, so while I was waiting I was watching a girl play on the fruit machine, but she lost and it told her to piss off in a computer voice, and I thought this was absolutely hilarious and I was laughing so much that my tummy was aching!

But then the next night (30th) OMG I had the worst dream about being chased by a werewolf. It was in my house which in my dream was a big old colonial house which I love in real life, and everytime the moon went behind a cloud, the werewolf would just stop, but when it came out, it went mental and was looking for me all round the house and I could hear its breathing and feel its breath in my dream. Eeeewww it was horridbul.

Tonight I made my famous Spaghetti Bollognaise. I shall write it down and then publish it on here. I just throw everything together, so I shall have to have a think about what I put in it. I also will be starting my Christmas Puds again. I will also be making a Christmas cake too this year to take to my cousins family get together.

God I hope that Christmas will be a happy time. My brother has still not been in touch. It makes me very angry as he has just allowed his silly immature girlfriend to dictate to him who he can and cannot see. I am verging on the edge (as my Lynbo said) on giving her a very big piece of my mind.!! I think that she has forgotten about the time when I allowed her to live at my house with Richard.... Both of them RENT FREE!!!! her for about 18 months and Richard for about 3 years!!!!!!! Very selfish girl she is. Mr Kirstykins doesnt like her after she came into the pub, butted in my conversation and shouted right accross the table.... "what have I got that Kirsty will never have" then preceeded to grab her enormous bust and shouted "A pair of tits".

Apart from this being extremely rude and just down right arogant, was very hurtful.

I have to thank Mr Vodka Redbull that night as her statement fell upon deaf ears. Allthough Mr Kirstykins heard it, and was not impressed. I very much doubt he will ever speak to her again!!

Anyway, she has got her perfect life now. Bully for her. I hope a big truck full of horse shit drops its load all over her. Hopefully it will drown out the smell of chip fat!!!!!

Anyhoobles. I shall go for now. I want to play with my photo book.

Lots of Love
Sleep Tight.


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Brand & Ross

Oh, and as for this Brand & Ross thing. Radio 2 is so boring (believe me, it is. I have to listen to it every day all day at work) that they have to blow everything out of proportion to make it sound like an interesting and scandalous radio station to get more listeners. So what if they made a prank phone call. Kids all over the world make prank calls every day. Obviously Manuel left his sence of humour with the fawlty's!!!! xxx

Oh I know, it was a little out of order. But come on. Slap on the wrist, maybe a couple of months salary given to charity and a public apology (which they did). I mean, Jonathan Ross gets around £6 million a year! Sack the greedy git I say. He doesnt need to work.

I don't particularly like either Russell Brand or Jonathan Ross, but I don't think that they deserved such extreme punishments.

Radio One DJ Chris Moyles has said Cock, Arse, Tits, made reference to his willy and all sorts of stuff in the morning when listeners are likely to be schoolies!! Why is he not sacked. And lets face it, he aint the best DJ in the country is he. I very much doubt he would be missed!!

I'm off before I start getting cross.


So, we got a bit of snow today. Yeyyy. It didn't stick because it had been raining for about 2 hours before hand. But it has been cold the last few days. Very frosty at night and first thing in the morning. I am lucky as most of my car is protected, but not at workies, and it was thick with frost the other night.
So its snowed really hard. I was watching it for ages. Tried to take a picture but it was rubbish so I deleted it.
Mr Kirstykins saw our batty neighbour knocking on her own front door today.
She lives alone and doesn't have visitors.
Lunatic if you ask me.
Mum says that we should avoid her at all times as this type of person is very dangerous. A serial complainer to the police about things that I wouldn't do, couldn't do, would never do and never did. She can't submit any evidence of these incidents.
Her latest trick is the security light outside. She keeps it on and it shines in our front door, and at night she makes it come on then off to make Daisy scared.
All last night Daisy just kept staring at the door making whiney noises and wouldn't go near the door too.
It's abvoius that this woman is doing this to tourment our lil Daisy.
I hope someone pours poo in her letter box tomorrow night. Because I don't like her. And, she has pissed that many people off, I am absolutely possitive that something will be done in the tricky treaty festivities. and it wont be a treat for her I can tell you. I won't do anything although I am tempted!! What could be funnier than playing knock-a-door-run on a batty demented ole cow of a neighbour tee hee. Seriously though, I hate halloween so I think that Mr Kirstykins & I will be taking a trip out for tea. I can't stand the constant barrage of kids & teenagers banging on your door for sweets and cash, well its cash these days isn't it.
I have found a fab website. I maybe a little slow on the uptake on this one and you may already know about it, but I didn't know that there were such sites, and I really love this particular one.
www.blurb.com Basically, you make your own book. You can buy one book or lots of books, it can be a picture book or a blog book, and lots of other styles or make your own. Its fab. I am going to do a couple for Christmas prezzies of our wedding pictures as we don't have an album. I don't think it is unreasonably priced too. I am having fun messing around with the program you download. I love it.
Anyhoo, the sink is leaking............... Cosmic! Everything under the sink is sodden. So I am just going to go do some plumbing. Just call me Plumber Kir.
No, please don't!!
Night Night. Sleep Tight.
Love from Me, Him & Them!!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


There is lots going on.

I am so glad that I dont work in the other office.

All the girls seem to be bitching about each other. (one in particular!)

Yesterday I got caught up in a little bit of it, but I just quickly left the room so I didn't get involved. (about one of the girls swearing!)

I just can't be bothered with it all.

Last night one of the drivers got caught syphoning diesel out of the lorry into cans and the main boss caught him!! (was driving a different car to usual so this is why he got caught)!! Anyway, he pulled up, got the keys off him, locked the lorry up and left the employee up on the tops.... (by the Cat n Fiddle (its a road in the middle of nowhere) to make his own way home!!!!

Last night it was -2.5 degrees...... The employee is 65 years old.

I know what he did is theft and wrong. But for crying out loud. 65 years old. It was so cold last night.

I think that was a little mean. He could have dropped him off at the pub or just taken him home and told him to come in the next day to explain himself and we should have done an analysis of his fuel and taken any discrepancies out of his wages (he earns enough)!????

What happens if he had a heart attack or something. Or got run over as there are no pavements up there and as you can see, no houses, phone boxes (or mobile phone signal)....

I don't know why the drivers do this. I can tell you that their wages are mega. The majority of our drivers are coming out with £500-600 per week. Some of them are coming out with over a thousand per week. So why do they feel the need to rob fuel?

I don't think I get paid enough.

I want to be challenged. I have so much more to give. I am capeable of anything, yet on paper I am not experienced enough to get that job that will challenge me and pay me lots of money.

Still no snow here. I thought there would be a sprinkling of the white stuff overnight, but nope. On the drive to work this morning it was very frosty and there was some slushy stuff in the middle of the road, so there may have been a little. But it could have just been mud with a coating of frost, at 50mph it was hard to tell.

I have bought The Script. I love it. Some of the songs sound a little similar, but I dont care, I really like them. Mr Kirstykins doesnt, so its first come first served on the car stereo! Note to self... I must make his cd's mysteriously disappear!!! tee hee.

Anyhoo, best get some work done.!

x x x me x x x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Mood: Way down there somewhere!

Listening to: Radio bleedin 2 (soooooo booring)

Seeing: The back of my boss's head, nice blue sky and green trees just starting to turn red/brown, fields with cows and sheep... (I dont work on a farm, there are just farmers fields outside)

My Biorythm is all up the wall. It is true too. I am feeling very thick, I have no energy and I am up the wall on the emotions!
Today your intellectual level is 4%: it is advisable to avoid too much study. Your physical level is 36%: if you can, do not exert yourself too much.
Your emotional level is 1%: it is worth putting off delicate matters!

How do you calm you emotional levels then?

Even last night, I found myself with a lump in my throat watching Dog Borstal....... Dog Borstal for goodness sakes. However, I did manage to control the tears upon seeing Mr Kirstykins welling up because the bad doggies had become lovely good doggies and the owners were so proud of their k9 friends. So I had to take the mickey out of him a little.

But, yet again, I woke up in a foul mood. WHY? And of course you take it out on the person closest to you and for the rest of the day there is a big cloud over your head, your nearest & dearest's head, the animals sense it too. And work.... well that has just been a total right off today. I haven't been able to concentrate. I just couldn't be bothered in my meeting (it was only health & safety stuff... Booooring), and I haven't eaten all day and probably wont bother tonight.

Got lots of stuff going on at the moment, and I will be writing about it all shortly. I am keeping a "secret log" of it all so I don't forget anything.

So right now, all I need is a big snuggle off Mr Kirstykins, but he is at work and pretty pissed off with me at the moment..... quite rightly so too. I was a complete arse this morning and I feel terrible about it. We'll see wont we.

Well. Back to work. Got quite a bit of stuff to do like going round counting the fire extinguishers, logging what they are and size and if they have the safety tag intact!

Its all a load of crap today!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Muckin Aboot

Been muckin about changing my colours and stuff. Made it all pwitty.

Work was a draaaag today. Did the wages in record time. Had some chocolate cake which my boss brought in and insisted I had 2 slices. Was delicious with fresh cream in too which was luverly.

Daisy & cookie are plumb tuckered after spending the last 3 hours chasing each other about. Cookie is in solitary confinement for 15 hours of the day so that she doesn't make a meal out of Daisy's busticles.... It seems to be working. Daisy now has smaller boobies than I do which is a relief as I was begining to get a complex!

Cookie has the vets in the morning. The last of her injections, then we wait for 2 more weeks and then we can throw her out.

Funny, sometimes she jolts up and stares at the ceiling or the wall or something. She is really odd.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo after spending ages looking through blogger layouts and sparkly text. I shall go watch some telly.

I hope everyone has a lubberly weekend.

Cat's and Dog's
Graphics & Myspace layouts

x x x x x x x x x x x x

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Training at Work

So, 2 hours wasted from my day doing some "Foundation Fire Awareness for Employees" course and then I got roped into doing "Foundation Awareness for Designate Fire Marshall's".

Now, I know that this "Foundation Awareness for Designate Fire Marshall's" is incorrectly written. I have written it as it is on the test paper.

It should be Foundation Awareness for Designated (put the d in) Fire Marshalls (no apostrophe).

Or... I could just be completely wrong. I just wanted to moan about something completely random as I am sick of hearing about the Credit Crunch, Recessions, Madonna & Guy's Divorce, Victoria & David's Marital Struggles, the rain, petrol prices and inflation.

For the money that it cost, I would expect to have correctly spelt test papers.

I got top marks anyhow. It was far too easy.

The only thing that I learnt was that a CO2 fire extinguisher puts a fire out by freezing it and if you hold the extinguisher incorrectly, your hands will freeze and stick to the extinguisher.

Oh, I also learnt that it only took 3 minutes for the fire to spread at Bradford City Football Ground in 1985.

That was it. That is all I learnt from 2 hours. Everything else discussed was purely common sense. (however some of the others on the course obviously have no common sense whatsoever).

And I also learnt that it is colder in the training room than it is in my office.

Daisy is spending the day at my Mum & Dad's after being an absolute sod all night long. I just don't know what is up with her. Perhaps I should change her food. Give her a nightcap of hot milk, whiskey and honey. Give her sedatives. Have her voice box removed! I have to keep Daisy and Cookie separated when we can't stop Cookie from trying to suck milk out of her, if I lock Cookie up, she launches herself at the door and meows really loud. She doesn't like being without someone to cuddle up to. I took Daisy for a walk at 2am this morning to try to knacker her out. Its just not working.

Anyway. Got lots of stuff to do at work.

Blogger is better than AOHELL.

x x x x x x x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


My mother doesnt like my profile picture. She says it doesnt do me justice. Personally I think its alright, Daisy hides most of my face!!

Daisy is currently having a phantom pregnancy. she is a bloody nightmare. She carries this rubber chicken round with her everywhere and whines all the time. Its driving me mad.

I have resorted to keeping Daisy and Cookie separated when we are not in... i.e Cookie gets the bedroom, Daisy gets the rest of the place. Good idea? Bad idea? Baaaad ish.... Daisy loves the new rug and how it tastes!!!!

First day back at work today after Thursday & Friday were spent with my head down the loo, in a plastic bag or at the roadside being sick, and Monday & Tuesday were spent, with the full intention of getting things done, sort of getting things done. Tuesday at the hospital, for what I thought would be a quick in and out, luckily I was very early because I couldnt find a parking space at all. Over a thousand spaces and not one were available.... sure there were empty spaces in the staff parking. Lots of empty spaces, but you cant park in those spaces, they are for hospital staff.... Nooooooooo patients have to park half a mile away on a scrappy piece of land that scrapes the bottom of your car.

Anyway, hospital went fine. I really enjoyed walking back to my car after what I went throught thanks very much............ NOT !!!!!

I can hear Cookie launching herself at the door, so I best go before she hurts herself.

Night Night. xx x x x xx

Monday, 13 October 2008


Britain's got the X pop factor dancing on ice soapstar get me out of the jungle!!!

What a load of ole crap that was. I was expecting something really funny being that it is Peter Kay. But it was absolutely not funny. And he should be ashamed of churning out such dross. My thoughs about his humour has gone right down and I can say that I just don't fancy watching anymore of his work.

I'm not a huge fan of television anyway, but sometimes I just fancy watching something, but this just confirmed to me that TV is just a complete waste of money.

I am currently looking for another job. Something that I can do part-time either in the evenings or at weekends. Christmas is fast approaching, bills are getting higher, food is twice as expensive and Mr Brown is making it increasingly difficult for hard working individuals like myself to keep our heads above water. Perhaps its because he is giving all our money to greedy banks that commit fraud, illegal imigrants, shit projects that dont work (the LHC for example) and these trashy Jeremy Kyle candidates that have 2 or 3 babies every year.

Anyway. Got some phone calls to make. Going to sort some stuff out, go to the tip, get some stuff shifted. I am tired of mess.

Have a good day everyone.

x x x x x

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Ok, so it is now official. I have finally given AOLJournals the big E. I am tired of it now, they have buggered us about for too long. They lose emails, they lose entries, they wait till you have written your entry and upon saving it, they decide that they are having technical problems and that you should try again in a few minutes and ooops, that entry you did, we couldnt save it so you will have to write it again.

The technical team at AOHELL are fantastic................................... NOT. I cant be bothered telling you about them, I am sure you already know.

My loopy neighbour has got herself a kitten. Which explains why she keeps leaving her light on at the bottom of her stairs now, because obviously she doesnt realise that cats can see in the dark much better than us hoomans.

Silly old bat accused me of breaking into her 1993 peugeot whatever 06 (however u spell it) I was so angry with her. Why on earth would I want to do that? She has an annoying accent too. She pronounces her words sloppy. i.e. Instead of pronouncing property as propertee, she pronounces it propattaa.... Well I only just resisted the temptation in correcting the old bag! And as she wouldnt talk to me reasonably and because I was so poorly at the time, I unfortunately stooped to her level and called her a nasty word and told her to eff off. Quite frankly, I just dont care anymore, the police have told her to get lost too, so they will just do the same again. She is so paranoid that she has chained everything down. Anyone would have thought we lived in the Bronx!! I just don't know how to get out of this one. Perhaps if I won the lottery. Then I would rent this place out for £1.00 per month to some druggies or a single mum with 8 kids who smokes pipes or cigars. oooooooh ooooohhh.... Or a whole family with Turretts. That would be fantastic. Wild outbursts of swearing at inappropriate times. Classic.

I have tomorrow and Tuesday off work. Got lots of stuff to sort out, and I am at the hopstickle on Tuesday. Just random tests should be fine.

Cookie is growing lots. She is such a little cutie.

Daisy is just a big fat lump. Tom let her off the lead the other day and she went running off down the bridal path on an adventure. He only caught her coz she stopped to have a wee. We let her off today, I had lots of treats for her so she didnt run off. Was fun. I like letting her off the lead, she can run about at her own pace.
Tom has just realised that he is reading a paper from August 21st!!! Silly numpty!
Anyhoo. I will most deffo have something interesting to say tomorrow no doubt.
Night Night.
Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Finally, I have plucked up the courage to move over from AOL to Blogger.

Here is how it is. For those of you who just happen to stumble across my ramblings, I have given up smoking, I ditched the life of an alcoholic's slave, I left a job where I was bullied and treated like crap, I got married to the most greatest guy I have ever ever met, bought a puppy, bought a kitten and lived happily ever after...............

But..... there is always room for me to gripe about something going on. It may just be this god awful weather we have been having for the last 7 months, the prices in the supermarkets these days, horrible neighbours, lazy people at work, illegal imigrants, everything....

So my last entry over at AOL was all about me being poorly over the last 2 days. I am on the mend now, must have been something I had eaten.

Well. I shall sign off for now so I can have a looksie round all the other journals and find everyone from AOHELL.

Toodles xxxxx